The dawn of your most impactful era.

Turning Points is an online business design program for thought leaders and organisations that want to play a significant role in shaping the future. It's where to make the business you'll be known for.

Inside, you will find purpose, create freedom, and build your brand. Visionaries say joining this experience was a significant turning point in their lives as well as their work.

Leave behind the old way, it's time to:

Work on your business

be all in, not stuck 'in it'

Move past roadblocks

I can't do self paced = It doesn't take much to refuse doing what it takes to succeed
I'm too busy right now = I'm choosing to stay stuck instead of making hard decisions
I don't have the money to invest = My business isn't profitable the way it is

Think beyond your limits

to step into your next era

I believe it's humanity's greatest ineffectiveness that we have so many people, unique as their fingerprints, regurgitating the same old crap that no-one cares about. Meanwhile customers continue to chase the cheapest option in a rising sea of alternatives. Year on year, the effort and dollars needed to stand out increase – and how are you standing out? With the same techniques as those you're standing out from?

Done before = over done.

The problem is, if you don't know a new way, you'll continue to follow the old way even if you know it's not working. Business design is the new way. It's about creating a business that stands out because it matters to its customer.

That's how it's inherently disruptive and profitable. Business design is about defining the optimum strategies to reach unrealised potential. It's also the only discipline whose business strategy considers all the needs a business affects. Only the old way has you burning out in direct proportion to your businesses growth. Or continuing to settle for mediocre impact. Only the old way has you choosing between a satisfying life and a profitable one.

Turning Points is the guide every leader needs and the experience you've been waiting for.

Turning Points is a digital vision quest

🔮 It begins with your deep visioning intensive. In 3 months you have everything you need to launch (or relaunch) your incredible brand. Anything shorter is a get rich quick scheme that lacks the depth you need to thrive – change that happens in short bursts is short lived. Once you have these solid foundations, you'll come back to tinker with the parts of the intensive you need to expand your vision, so you can continue to expand your business.

🔮 The second phase brings your vision to life. Inflexible programs that leave you on your own after a few weeks don't understand the most critical time for success is the moment between strategy and execution. Where they ghost you, I double down on what you need. Phase two is a series of supporting modules for different aspects of growth. Think: pitching, launch strategy, passive income – what you need to take your strong foundations and strategy to their next level of growth. 

Turning Points process works if you:

  • don't have a business idea

  • have an idea, but no business

  • have an existing business and want to squeeze its potential

  • have an existing business and want to pivot (keeping the great bits)

  • are an employee seeking to impact the enterprise you work for, but have never done business design

  • are a small, medium, or large enterprise

  • come from any life experience, gender expression, and family structure

There are 3 different spaces where your vision quest takes place:

🔮 The first is in you, my visionary. Turning Points is named after the two major shifts that happen in you. The first turning point is when what your business does and what you want to do in this life are aligned. You will feel clear, confident, and powerful. You know what you're doing, why it matters, and how to do it. You've become a catalyst for your own ambition. The second turning point is when what your business does and what the world needs are aligned. Imagine waking up in lush surroundings of your own creation, and getting paid for the unique impact your organisation brings. It's when the world recognises the significance of your impact.

🔮 The second is your strategy portal. Your expansive videos can be accessed here. Each process in each video has been called mind-blowing. Get ready to have your mind expanded and to fill that new space with the spectacular. What's more? There's a visionary forum, Order of the New Future where I'm available to answer your business design questions and guide you to get the most magic out of your experience.

🔮 The third is your action portal. Where strategy keeps you on track, execution keeps you evolving. A business plan of the future that makes the challenging parts easeful and the boring stuff fun. Follow the processes to create your vision, customer insights, trade secrets, persuasive brand, and game-changing ideas. It's on the cloud and available forever, so you can keep your business wherever you are.

Liane Bourke

Radical perspective shift. It helped me see what’s unique about my business.

Luisa Russo

This has been one of the best moves I've made for my business.

Charlie Barry

Mindblowing, Intense, Inspiring. It'll change your business for the better.

Invest in your future

Get access to Turning Points for an annual investment of $1200USD (best price)
or 6 monthly payments of $220USD

The cost of staying in the same place isn't worth it

Think of your life right now. Imagine that it continued on that way, with no change, forever. Add the years of study, experimentation and strain it would take you to try to get close to the outcomes that are typical in only 3 months of following this process. Do you really want that? 

Visionaries inside say they could feel their transformation begin from the welcome video! The sooner you join us, the sooner you get unstuck. The sooner you get to see your impact change the world, experience the magic, meet the community, unlock the special resources, and more.

I have spent years building and refining my business design methodology. Anything that led to mediocre results was eliminated. This means every member of Turning Points is the next success story. You can become a high level client getting high level results right now.

Get where you're going in 3 months

Take a sneak peek at what's inside the first 3 modules:

See your future 🔮

Your vision is revealed in incredible detail, to clearly see the future you were born to create. Push your vision far beyond what you imagined possible, enabling you to consult it like a manual for how to bring it to life. This is where you discover your purpose.
Get to the heart of why this vision matters and who it matters to. Your vision is as unique as your fingerprint, and here you discover just how much you matter by seeing it through the eyes of those whose lives will be changed by you. This is how working out a target market should feel. 
Learn my secrets of customer alchemy so your business attracts both people who want to live in your future (customers), and those who want to help your future exist (unexpected opportunities). All without you being there. 

Make your secret sauce 🔮

Your unique business will bring your vision to life. I love the concept of Deus Ex Machina. The God in the machine. The magic of your vision and those it touches becomes the God. The machine is the awe-inspiring business model you get to build. It’s exceptional
Starting with the blueprints, you will learn how your business works. This blueprint is special because it allows your business to tell you what it needs, so you can prioritise your time on what's most fulfilling and impactful
Through your blueprints, weaves your potent competitive advantage. This takes your uniqueness and makes it a profitable secret sauce. Now you know exactly where you’re going, it’s time to build a bridge between your full potential dream and your daily to-do list. This process illuminates the path to your transformation. 

Conjure your brand 🔮

3 seconds. That’s how long you’ve got to communicate the full potential of your vision, before a stranger keeps walking (or scrolling). I’ll show you how to pull customers toward your brand by embodying the emotion they seek more of. It’s a brand strategy process so effective, I have an entire cohort of clients who are brand strategists! 
You’ll also learn how to turn your secret sauce into a claim, so your word of mouth becomes another controllable tool for spreading your impact. You’ll know in an easily repeatable way, how to make people feel they’ve been waiting for you all their life
Then it’s about bringing it all together. Creating a magnetic presence on social media, your website, and email so that your brand finds the right people and brings them to you. 

There's even more magic than you realise

Lifetime Access

Purchasing Turning Points now gives you permanent, lifetime access to all video modules and the Notion portal.

That means up-to-date, incredible strategy FOREVER.

The nature of this process is that you want to come back and do it again and again every time you're at a new growth milestone, building on the strong foundations you create first time around.

Turning Points is addictive and you'll find yourself wanting to apply that thinking to everything.

Life goals? Yep! Annual strategy reviews? No worries. Time for a pivot? Easy. Starting a new side hustle? I got you!

2x 90minute Sessions with Melissa

Say hello to my face-to-face design sprints, where your vision meets my expertise in advertising and business design.

These two virtual sessions are held at the most critical moments in the process. When you're designing your offerings. And when you're designing your brand and launch.

Together, we'll ideate, strategise, and collaborate to unearth brilliant ideas and tap into emerging trends that resonate with your key customers and stakeholders.

I'll stop your great ideas from being watered down into mediocre tweaks and stale, predictable offerings. You'll finally have what you need for significant breakthrough innovations to be realised. 

I will challenge you to bring out the very best, leaving you excited and confident your ideas will become potent realities.

Visionary Company

As what I know can’t be found elsewhere, it’s essential to bounce ideas and ask questions with an expert and a visionary community who know what's up.

The Order of the New Future want more from their business, are known to zig while others zag, and don't settle for anything less than spectacular.

We're a bunch of visionaries that get it.

With permanent access to my advisory through the forum, you can ask business questions, seek feedback, and get the most out of your plans and ideas.

I moderate the forum and give considered, generous answers. It's one of the many ways I help you bloom into your most satisfying career.

Library of Learnings

Once you move through the Turning Points program you unlock the library.

It's a series of execution and growth focused micro-courses that will help you get the most out of your vision.

Learn how to:

• Create a profitable launch

• Pitching to proactively land dream clients and partnerships

• Turn your life story into a killer keynote or book

• My special process for creating low ticket digital products that sell like hotcakes

The perfect companion once you've defined your exciting strategy.

Take a peek inside my methodology

🔮 Your vision quest

🔮 See your future

🔮 Make your secret sauce

🔮 Conjure your brand

🔮 Library of learnings

🔮 Order of the new future

🔮 Game-changing action system

Will this be your moment, the one where everything changed?

Marisa Farrell

Magical, Transformative, Expansive. It'll help you narrow down to your happy place and build a business you can't wait to work in.

Kristy Gray

I just wanted to say thank you. I’m so clear on my mission, my vision, who I am, what my brand is, all because of you and the work that we did together… It’s wild. I don’t know where my business would be without you.

Gillian Fernandes

It left me feeling the glow of living and breathing my passion, coupled with the understanding that it could move from a hope and dream into a tangible reality.

I've noticed a few things in my time on this wild little space rock

Whenever I’ve been through something hard. Whenever life feels a bit boring, or *shrug*. It feels very different to when I’m at my best. I’ve noticed that when the majority of my life experiences weren’t my choice, that’s when I’m not into it. In those moments I’m living other people’s lives.
My natural temperament and experiences growing up allowed me to see something at the intersection between living a life and living my life.

This led to a revelation about how to live a deeply satisfying life.

** This post has been modified **

Purpose is an emotion

  • It’s an internal state that comes and goes 
  • There isn’t one thing that’s your purpose 
  • Purpose creates motivation, not the other way around 
  • There are environments that make it easier to feel purpose 
  • There are beliefs and thoughts that trigger us to feel purpose 
  • There are behaviours and choices we can make that lead to feeling purpose 
  • Running a business designed by yourself, for yourself creates lots of this feeling 
  • The feeling is MAGIC – Purpose is how it feels to live our own lives
That makes it the antidote to those moments in life where we don’t feel our best. It also means feeling it is within your control. Turning Points does to your brain, what Dyson vacuums do to a comically large pile of infomercial dust. Satisfying. Also useful. It's the best way to invite in clarity, confidence, and the details for aligning your vision and your reality. In life often the biggest Turning Points are the ones we didn't choose. I want your turning point to be of your own creation. This vision quest is the place to make that happen.


Want to peek in my crystal ball before diving fully into a vision quest?

Gumball Machines is my popular process for creating fun and profitable passive income. It's my closest thing to a get rich quick scheme and is about making something that works AND is really fun to make. After all, if you have no desire to create your passive income, why would anyone buy it?

This is a bonus module pulled from the Turning Points process, so it includes reference to strategies and benefits only available to members of the full program. It is priced accordingly and works well on its own. 🔥 hot tip – watch in bed to let ideas simmer in the back of your mind all day or let your subconscious work on ideas while you sleep!